Is There a Ruff Ryders Reunion on the Horizon?

Can fans expect a Ruff Ryders reunion in the future? According to Eve it's an idea that she's totally down for. See what else she had to say about her former label mates.

ESSENCE.COM Apr, 15, 2016
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[MUSIC] Ditty's doing the bad boy reunion. Yes. We find a rough rider in you again? Listen if they call me I'm there. And it's something that we actually have talked about over the years but it's like tracking people down, you know. Right. It's like the kid grew up and went to college. And so we all, we trying to get them, get us all back together. So, yeah if it happens I'm there. Do you guys keep in touch, anyone from the rough riders, or is it just schedules and life. It is schedules and life, but you know, like Swiss is usually the, the nucleus of everyone, he can kind of find anyone at anytime. He knows where everyone is and And you know people call people like I just got an email from someone else saying yo you in LA cuz X is, I'm like. So it happens. It happens. It's hard to keep up with each other. It really is but. [MUSIC]