What is freedom? It’s the power to speak and act without restraint. It’s the small act of resistance. And for poet Aja Monet, it’s the shared experience of power between Black women that speaks to our resilience and triumph, no matter our situation in life. Here, Aja takes us on a journey of a time she felt that empowerment and liberation, a time where fellowship among Black women allowed freedom to float up beyond walls mean to keep it suppressed. Here is the coloring of Aja Monet.  [MUSIC] I was visiting the woman's Cook County jail. It was a Friday and everyone's always in a better mood. A woman fans herself with the copy of her sonogram [BLANK_AUDIO] Stenciled on the wall. It reads, it's never too late to be what you might have been. This moment to share. Rock bottom soul. A sister hesitates to the front of the room, singing, his eye is on the sparrow. They call her black, but her name is Bermy. A voice that never leaves you. Ancient as a newborn kicking sound in the air. All the cells shake loose. Her song rinsed and cleansed and somehow we left a bit more defiant, ready for whatever was a head. Though our wounds were hidden Our healing was there, bright and brilliant, for all of us to love in. [BLANK_AUDIO]. [MUSIC].

Feb, 02, 2017

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