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I want to touch on Chiraq, another Spike Lee joint, and you play the lead, Lysistrada, which is off the Greek comedy where Lysistrada wanted Let you stop the Peloponnesian War, so encouraged all of the women to withhold sex to try and end this war. Where's that overlay between this film and that tactic [LAUGH] Well, my Character as Lysistrata in Spike Lee's joint, she some soft side of Chicago, and there's a lot of gang war and gang violence, and so she gets the women in the hood to stop giving it up so that the men would stop the war, stop this gang violence. [CROSSTALK] Yes it would change things ends up going global and it Becomes a whole movement and I'm really excited about Chiraq. I think it's something special. It's so many genres that we're mixing. I like to say it's the Greek's meets Blacksploitation, meets Spike Lee joint. It's a lot happening but I think that's what people are really gonna be moved by it. I can not wait to see it. [SOUND]

Teyonah Parris Talks Spike Lee 'Chiraq' Film

Teyonah Parris dishes on her role in Spike Lee's Chiraq, and why the upcoming film is so special.