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[MUSIC] I love living in the city, but I need that country respite. Get away from it all and really having that balance Of worth and health. I could say that today my new normal is abnormal. Every day I literally don't know what could happen. My name is Maci Petersen and I am the Co-Founder and CEO of On Second Thought. Like most people, I sent a text that I wanted Wanted to take back. It's the best forward. I heard about a pitch competition at [UNKNOWN] southwest and they were calling for everything from just ideas to full blown products. By a series a miracles that included flying on a buddy pass and a little bit of hitchhiking. I made it to the competition and won first place. We have over 44,000 users. The app Has been used over a million times. AT&T has called us the texting savior. Essence named me text's newest innovator. Recently, we won first place in the women who [UNKNOWN] challenge. We were listed as number one on Vice's list of apps that are beating Uber and Tinder. What wakes me up in the morning is the hope that what i'm doing is opening up doors, and hopefully breaking [INAUDIBLE] Feelings. For instance, by the time we close this round I will be one of the top raising black females tech entrepreneurs. And we're raising multimillion dollars. For me mentors have been huge. Realizing this was something I wanted to do and not necessarily having the exposure to the industry. But seeking out. Crew could give that to me. Exposure is everything because without it you don't know your potential. I plan to prepare for my future. I have really awesome counsel. My brother is a tax attorney. [LAUGH] So, the other thing is looking forward to investing in other start-ups. And I think it's always It's important to diversify and seek that counsel that you just make sure that all bases are covered. I think one mistake has been not saving as much as one should. Of course, with a start-up it's very difficult because in the beginning you're boot shopping so all of my savings went to my company. You learn how to to be savvier with money. You learn how to make a dollar stretch because we understand what's down the line with building a business. [MUSIC] My biggest challenge happened in May. My company was supposed to get an investment of 50,000 dollars against which we had budgeted, and we found out that we weren't going To get it in. As a result, I had to return my salary to the company. Because of that I wasn't able to pay my rent. I found an email about the Women's Startup Challenge and there was a prize for $50,000 and it included a Funding campaign. I emailed everyone I'd ever emailed in the course of my Gmail account from the last six years. I text everyone that I'd spoken to in about the last two years. So, fast forward, we pitched one first place. That was $50,000, exactly what we were missing. And in addition to that, we also had that investment. So, what was $50,000 a whole, turned into $150,000 for us. [MUSIC] Once you start trying to be the truest form of yourself, that's when you can open all the great things that has life can have for you. [MUSIC]

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