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[MUSIC] My name is Melissa Hibbert-Brumfield, I am a celebrity makeup artist, TB beauty expert and beauty entrepreneur. But I was born in Kingston, Jamaica on a kitchen floor to a single mother. And You know we didn't have quite much, you know to say we had a modest upbringing was an understatement. My parents immigrated here in the 80s and wanted to give us a better life. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and went to college down south, proud HBCU graduate. Of this university and right after college I decided that I needed to New York and pursue corporate America. All along though even throughout high school Or enter that college. I always had a fascination with beauty and I'll always felt like it was a really a part of me just to be able to look good and feel good. And I wanted to share that with other people but for some reason I always [INAUDIBLE] I put the corporate career and the corporate journey ahead of everything. I had a distinguished career of 14 years working for some of the biggest brands in some amazing companies in the world and I am grateful for that experience and having done that there was a pivotal moment for me around 2012. Where I felt like there was something more for me to do and so I took a sebaticol and went to my parents home and spoke to them and prayed and fasted and did everything that I needed to do to understand I was living this great life. I had a great career I was I had a great income I had a good lifestyle, so why was I unhappy. And you know I understood in that moment I needed to figure it out because if I didn't it wouldn't work. So having a conversation with my mom and in the mites of doing a make over that was just promptu of my mom, I had the sense of feeling and freedom that I never had before or had never had in a long time. And it was that answer that I needed. And so when that lightbulb moment went off I knew that I had to make a decision to walk away and invest everything that I had and in starting my career in beauty. So once I made that decision the opportunities started to open up. I pulled money out of my 401k and spent a few thousand dollars on I'm building my kit, and spent another few thousand dollars on putting together a portfolio, so I can actually show my work, because you know, went back to the basics, and did everything that I needed to do. LA is a market where there's no shortage of hair, and makeup, and wardrobe, beauty professionals in general. So, I knew that I needed to be here, and to do it in a way. That would allow me to stand out. I've had the pleasure of working with so many beautiful and amazing women, both regular women as well as celebrities. I have two companies. A makeup line as well as Was an agency. There is no other African American Agency in LA doing what I do. I employ probably more beauty professionals of color in this business and helping them get jobs than any other company and And working on my own way of reaching women through my own content and events and speaking engagements. And I want to continue to be in front of the camera, in front of people to understand that beauty is power and that's really my manta. My legacy is to empower others through beauty.
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