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[MUSIC] Hey what's up everybody? I'm Ron Bass and we're at Agenda in New York City. Coming back here has assisted because basically you get a chance to hear the feedback From the strongers and buyers. I love his collection, it's amazing. This is definitely something I definitely would wear. I mean I really feel like Ron differentiates himself by just coming out with stuff like this. He's not afraid to put out something like this. I'm truly inspired by being in this environment. I mean amazing people, creators, ideas just constantly bouncing off of you. [SOUND] The experience was so amazing. Just to meet some of the supporters that have been supporting me along the way, see the whole process. thank you guys so much for hanging out with me at the Agenda New York Trade Show. see you guys in L.A.. Peace [MUSIC] We're here at [UNKNOWN] LA. About a year ago, T and I decided that we wanted to take the brand and evolve. Make that transition into the west coast. The main focus and ideas are always try to be ahead of the pack by staying true to brand and being innovative. I can get my art onto clothing, how much more people can see this art? Now become walking art pieces. One of my most favorite pieces to work on would have to be the jackets. They all start from a hand created piece before they go into production. [BLANK_AUDIO] There is a certain mark that I use and basically that represents five words that my mom used to So always tell me. I put that in a lot of my work as somewhat of a signature. You know when following your passion and you enjoy and love what you do, it makes power for it just that much easier. [MUSIC] One Chevy street style car wrap last year was an amazing opportunity. So to come back to be the Chevy Chic mentor to the new designers is an amazing feeling, I'm just glad that I'll be able to shape and mold [MUSIC] You know their creativity process and just to be a part of that. Since the Chevy experience that happened last year, my career and journey has went straight up. I was able to team up with one of the Most largest retailers to have a branded collaboration. I mean that was almost 450 stores they have, so it was an amazing thing to be able to take my artwork and brand it out to the world. And then, one of the leaders in Or the only sound and technology approached me. I'm doing some artwork some headphones and speakers. When I when you get these big names that support your brand artists started coming in from all over the world. So to have that go from working in a basement in New York it really showed me that there's no limit to life. So now I'm gonna show you the rest of my neighborhood. I'm gonna show you what inspires me on my daily walks. Looking forward to taking you guys with me. [MUSIC] I love the Art District. There's art all around you. It's beautiful, it's vibrant. It's colorful. It's intense. It's abstract. I love this area so much. That's why I chose to move so close. [MUSIC] We're in Little Tokyo. One of my favorite spots in LA. I come here basically to people watch. I'm inspired by the culture, the clothing, the colors. I just love Little Tokyo. [MUSIC] I had an amazing day. You guys got to see my life here in LA. I wanna personally thank Chevy at Essence. With your help, it has taken my career to this level and I truly appreciate that. See you guys at Street Style in New York City in September. Peace. [MUSIC]

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Ron Bass returns to the ESSENCE Street Style Block on September 13, 2015. Check out this video to see how his life and career have blossomed since last year’s event.