Spike Lee Has A Few Choice Words For Omarosa Officially Joining Team Trump  


Spike Lee has a few choice words for former reality star Omarosa Manigault, who was recently named Director of African-American Outreach for Donald Trumps campaign. Needless to say, he's not here for it in the least. See what he had to say on our latest edition of ESSENCE Live.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 22, 2016
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Omarosa's out here, in these streets, repping her homeboy, Donald. As the director of Trump's, African American Outreach. In a recent interview with MSNBC, she said she was proud to serve in the roll. However, after her hiring, Spike Lee, took to his Instagram, to throw some major shade. Spike posted this photo with the caption Pic is like this cuz I'm looking at her sideways. Hashtag who's next. Step it and fetch it. Aunt Jemima. Uncle Ben. Sleep and eat. Rastus. Little N word Jim. Omarosa gonna give out free Popeye's Chicken with sides to deliver the black vote to Trump. Well damn Spike tell us how you really feel. Panelists we clearly know how he feels, but what are your thoughts. On the count of three are you slaying or shading and what are you slaying or shading? One, two, three. Slayed, slayed, slayed. Okay Kara I'm gonna start with you, slaying and who are you slaying? i don't know. I am on the fence because I don't personally like Amorosa but I don't think she is the fool that people make her out to seem like. I don't think she is Stacey Dash with credentials. You know what I mean. Amorosa spoke out and defended Shonda Rhimes when the New York Times called her angry black woman Omarosa is known to be an angry black woman and she has been speaking out against that and bucking against those stereotypes. So while she's not personally my cup of tea, I'd rather he reached out to her than Stacey Dash or even Ben Carson. Okay, fair enough! Maya? I think she slayed it, because she's about her coin. He is the one who got shaded. If he doesn't know that No one's listening to Omarosa for their political advice. [LAUGH] True. No one's considering Omarosa an expert on the cultures of the black community and what we need to rise up. She is getting a check. She's getting her [UNKNOWN]. She's getting it from him. Did he not watch his own show? Did you see what happened with Kwame? [LAUGH] Did you see what happened with Kwame? She slayed him and I'm glad she did. Get your check, girl. I like that perspective. Let's get your thoughts birthday boy. In the beginning I had my favorite emoji face. I was like uhm-hm But I thought about it. She's famous because of him. Why wouldn't she do it like what else is she gonna do. It's like being mad that Tammy Roman is back on basketball watch. What else is she gonna do, apparently the options aren't open so listen if she can get a check and be kind of sort of a little relevant again go ahead knock that out. Now Kayla I know our Essence live audience if that's something to say. They have so much to say, so many names left and right. So Jay Hunter said, it's all about the money. Dee Queen said, she's selling her soul to the devil. Sonya McComb says, Omarosa, I needed a job. OOH. I'm sorry everyone talking about the check, the check, the check. I wonder if she's like promised a position should he win. That's what makes me go, Hmmm. He is 14 points behind. I don't think she expects him to get the position. I hope not.