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There's been some rumblings on Toni Braxton and Birdman, being an item after this backstage photo of the two went viral. Yes. With the lip bite. Since then Toni has brought Birdman on stage during some of her concerts and there's even video of the two holding hands during a recent radio visit. Toni's mother, Mrs. Evelyn had this to say about her daughter's alleged boo. Take a look. He is a nice- Thank you. Thank you, mom. He's a very nice guy. Young man. He's very nice. That's what I said. I said that on the show. I don't care what others say about him. He is a nice, respectful- He is very nice. He's full of respect. Yes he is. He put some respec on it. [LAUGH] He put some respec on it. [LAUGH] He is full of respect. [CROSSTALK] What do you think? Should we put some respect? Respect! On their relationship? What say you, Slayed or Shade, Tony and [UNKNOWN], one, two, three. You know what? Shade. A Sla-Shade, and a Slayed. Ooh, you're 50:50. Virginia, why are you on the fence? So, I can't shade because, or, fully shade. Mm-hm. Because I feel you have to be in support of love, if that's what that is. Okay. This, well, I guess that's the slayed part. The shade part is, I don't know if I'm necessary the idea of them having a relationship, or if we're speculating that their together because a picture circulated. You know what I mean? Fair enough. Michelle, thoughts? I don't know, I just feel like Toni has been through so much, especially Dancing with the Stars, that was terrible. I feel, just kidding y'all, but no let her just do her thing. Even if their just friends with benefits or if their just gonna collaborate and do something you know? Maybe she just wants to like date a bad guy, not a bad guy like a bad boy A bad man, like a rebel I thought you said that guy, I was like wow No not a bad guy, like a bad boy is what I meant [CROSSTALK] She wants to date a guy with some respect. You threw shade. You shaded. I'm making sure the cameras see all this. [SOUND] See all of this. See all of this and this ponytail is throwing the shade. The shade with the ponytail. Okay let me just say this and I love the Braxtons. I have been a fan of the Braxtons. TV show on WE channel since the day one. Having said that, if you know Toni Braxton, you know Toni does not deal with those kind of guys. True. Now, Traci- Right! I can see Traci hitting that all day long- [APPLAUSE] [LAUGH] If she wasn't married. That's Right up Tracy's ally. But I just feel like, and I hate to say this, but I would not be surprised if a little picture that floated out became this big thing and they're riding the wave of that. Right, yeah, right. You slay, but I'm throwing shade. You slay, but I'm throwing shade on that one. Fair enough, okay, that's fair enough. Kayla, what are the fans out there saying on Facebook? Everyone is just saying, no, no to Toni. Rhonda Morales says no. Tenisha Grant says girl bye, I don't even like him. And Yvette Sandy says Toni, please don't. I'm sorry. But doesn't he like [LAUGH] [LAUGH] And now we're going to move along. We're going to move right along. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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