Besides the jokes and the characters we couldn't help but love, the homes of some of our favorite TV sitcoms were also crucial to creating the worlds we loved and our characters lived in. From The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to The Cosby Show, here's how much the homes of the Huxtables, Jeffersons, Banks, Winslows, and Paynes would cost today. Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by GEICO. Black TV families are known for having some of the best homes on their fictional blocks, from the Huxtables to the Jeffersons, here's a look at how much these homes would cost today. So, you're moving on up to the east side? To a deluxe apartment in the sky. The Jeffersons moved from Queens to Upper East Side's Park Lane Towers. The building which is seen in the opening credits of the show doesn't even have an opening for sale. But you can get a two bedroom, two bath near by for a cool $1.8 million. the [UNKNOWN] home located in Brooklyn heights was actually [UNKNOWN] village on 10 st. luke's place. 10 st. luke's place isn't for sell, but 9 st. luke's place right next door was last seen on the market for 12 million dollars. Is it really the fresh prince of Belair or Brentwood? The home used in the opening credits of the fresh prince is actually in Brentwood California. The five bedroom, five bath home is off the market. But you can get something similar in the neighborhood for around $7 million. The Winslow home, sans nerdy neighbor Steve Urkle, last sold for $798,000. Martin Lawrence portrayed an up and coming radio DJ in Detroit on his hit show, Martin. The apartment featured on the show is Garden Court condos in Detroit, Michigan. Which is rather affordable. Units range from $115,000 to $375,000. These fictional homes have served as the cornerstones for good laughs, cries and have even influenced the way we watch television. Today. [MUSIC] Coinage. Life well spent. Presented by GEICO.
Mar, 22, 2017

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