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[MUSIC] 17 year old Joey Campbell was murdered three weeks ago. No investigation. Today, we go beyond justice to the power that controls her and to that power, we say What power? This power. Who's power? Our power! [SOUND] There's been a police shooting of an unarmed man today, Gate Station North Carolina. It's a black cop and a white kid. All I care about is the truth. And that truth has no colour. All the murdering of un-armed black people By police across this country, and this is the one the government is investigating? I am working this case as a Prosecutor trying to determine what happened that day between two men. Mommy has to go our of town for work. For how long this time? I don't know, but Mommy loves you. So, you their boy? Excuse me? I'm Ash Shoot, you're an investigator. Best in interror boss. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] See anything? Nope. No one has got answers for you, but you keep asking the wrong question. So what's the right question? [MUSIC] Your son's death was never investigated? I can't talk about it. The department is obviously corrupt. That's kind of why we're here. [MUSIC] [SOUND] I understand how you feel. No you don't. He was a great kid! I'm very sorry for your loss ma'am. I didn't lose him. He was murdered. I thought you was only here for that white boy. You. [MUSIC] Two wrongs don't make a right, every parent wants their child home. [MUSIC] Let's get both these murdered children the justice they deserve. [MUSIC] Let's hold our corrupt law enforcement accountable. [MUSIC] We have got to start putting each other's humanity first. And that work begins today. One man can change the world. [SOUND]

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Justice for Black lives is sought and served in the FOX series Shots Fired. From the creative genius behind Love & Basketball, show creator Gina Prince-Bythewood explores the much talked about movement in the 10-part drama production starring Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James and Mack Wilds. Take a look at the exclusive sneak peek at the new series before it airs in the fall.