SPONSORED: Atlanta Elementary School Teacher Shows Us How To Christmas Better

ESSENCE.COM Dec, 07, 2016
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[MUSIC] My name is Chelsea Culley Love and I am a third grade teacher at The Kindezi School in Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta, Georgia. I love Kindezi, it's just a magical place. And to be in a place That really embraces the heart of what African villages have been doing forever and ever. That's the type of educator that I've always wanted to be. I can remember when I first started teaching, there was a Walmart right up the street from my school, and so I would literally run into Walmart on my way to school Because I would come up with an idea that I wanted to do in my class and I would run to Walmart and pick it up and I would go to class. They just made everything really convenient. I have the best family in the world. My partner, Patina Love is a professor, a magic maker, just an amazing person and then I have twins that are six years old, Jansen and Lauren And I'm just really lucky that with all that I put in at work every day, I get to come home to this amazing family. And that's the most important thing is for me to spend time with them. [MUSIC] It's fun for us to shop online together, and we can go through a Walmart online and then they can see what we need to get. We'll go and we'll pick it up and we're ready to move on. [MUSIC] I am easy sometimes I don't know where the time goes in a day and so I can go to Walmart in open 24 hours I can do in ones stop And just knowing that that option is there helps alleviate stress because I feel like things can get done. For our holiday, the kids did a really cool project. They were all Given disposable cameras to take home. We ordered the cameras from Walmart. They took pictures. We sat down and we created captions for each of the pictures of things that made them happy. I sent them off to Walmart. And in their one hour photo lab they created beautiful photo books for the kids and they surprised their parents with these pictures that they had been secretly taking around the house and around their neighborhoods and on vacation and I think that the parents were really happy. Surprise. [MUSIC] Everything was normal, everything went stop shop I was able to pick up things for their project, I was able to get all the groceries that we needed for our party and make the decoration [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] One thing that I've learned is if I can get more than one thing done at a time and I don't physically have to be in two places then, life is good. [MUSIC] So, as an educator, as a mother And as a wife I think my magic honestly is love. I have learned a lot of patience and every night I just pray and I'm thankful for the light that I have, because that light has been able to give others light. Because I have so much love in my life and. To be able to help other people feel secure and help them feel appreciated and to help them feel strong and empowered, that's magical in itself. [MUSIC]