Is Rioting the Answer?

Is rioting the answer? David Banner and Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. explore the many causes and effects of the unrest in Baltimore.

ESSENCE.COM May, 01, 2015
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[MUSIC] For many years the civil rights movement fought for a lot of rights for people of color. Right? One of the things that we fought for was the right to vote. And people want change and they're not happy with their elected officials, they gotta go out and vote. And too often we see that when you look at minorities, they're the worst offenders when it comes to voting. Right? You see communities where less than 50% are coming out or even registered. Mm-hm. And half of them Or not even coming out to vote. So if we want to start implementing trains, it starts from the top down, and we can facilitate that by motivating people to go out to vote and empower themselves. That's the right way to fight. Not to go to your own communities and start blowing up stores and, or setting them on fire, and destroying things in your town. Cuz that makes it even more difficult for administrators to move the city forward. That's right. We want to bring an investment to bring jobs to the community- Mm-hm. How can we do that now when investors are sitting there thinking that the community is unstable? Why would they want to move there and invest when they're going to take a lost financially? You know, what about the people that would have been working at the CVS today that are now unemployed because it's, it's been set ablaze. You know, we have to start looking at different ways to constructive move our cities forward and express through peaceful protest like we saw the last couple of days- Huh. And more so in Maryland. Not destroying our own backyard because that only pulls everybody down. David, you have a response? I totally disagree. It's funny how people always wanna criticize riots when people are living off the benefits of riots every day. The American Revolution was a white's riots. The, the, the truth is, we have been peacefully protesting for years. We have been marching, sitting at counters. We've been doing that for years. It does not Worked. What riots are are a beacon of light to tell people all around the world, this is what's happening in my community. We all know. Wouldn't nobody care about what was happening in Baltimore, unless that riot would've happened. Same thing with St. Louis, it's, it's, it's a beacon of light. And the truth is, regardless of what, the law is the law. And if these cops are robbed wrong, and Brett, you know its been the same. I have cops that tell me to this day. When they don't have their badge on, they're getting pulled over every day. And the sick thing. And I would actually agree with you kind sir. But white kids are committing, committing the same amount of crime. Statistically. I saw the statistics that came out in' 04. White kids are actually doing more crimes, but they're not in. So, if that is the case, if there is really a problem being made in snap decisions, well they know not to kill people that look like them. Why not they hang stats when it comes to white kids. So what we have to do is, we have to admit that most people don't want to deal with the facts, that people dont see value in black life. Cause we all know if something happens to one white kid, they'll shut the whole city down, bruh. So let's just be real, if people dont want to deal But the fact is, that they should just stay out of the way. Nobody pays attention to black, black people beg. And we been begging since we were in chains. We been begging white folks since we have been in chains. Nothing happens, until people fights back. And America always talks about peaceful protest, but America never peaceful protests In America every day have been through slavery, have been through killing people, ask the native Americans. Ask the Africans. Ask the buffalos. You know what I'm saying? And so people talk about all this [CROSSTALK] Show me in one case where power has ever been gained, or respect has ever been gained by beating something, who already has power over your community, who never has to be held accountable for any of the things they do. We were waiting for Mike Brown We, we, we, we, we've been waiting for the deaths and the things that happened on the West coast that happened in the South. Black folks hanging from trees. We don't never get no justice when we wait through the system. Oscar Grant, where is Oscar Grant? What happened with Oscar Grant have you ever seen justice for him? You can't advocate for riots in the streets, that's just not the right way to go. That causes more death, it causes more injury, more property loss That that's not the way to go. And I can't believe that somebody would sit there and say that it's a positive thing to put our kids, who are 15, 16 years old to encourage them to go out there and confront law enforcement and put themselves in a precarious situation where they could end up in a box. Okay. So I [MUSIC]