Regina King on Playing a Muslim Woman on 'American Crime'

King says "A chance of a lifetime.

ESSENCE.COM Mar, 26, 2015
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[NOISE] You've had many different roles from cartoon to dramatic to comedic. What was it about this role of Aliah that really spoke to you? Well, one I don't believe that we've seen a Muslim woman on TV that's beyond just a guest cast. True. Mm-hm. You know, that is. Feel fully written out, that's layered. We don't see that. Mm-hm. So to have the opportunity to play that was just a chance of a lifetime. And then also to play a role, to, to add a role into my repertoire that is. So different than anything I've ever played, was also pretty magnificent. And then it's John Ridley. How do you say no to that. Why would you want to say no? Right, Right. And can you tell us what that experience has been like. Have you guys filmed the entire season already? Yes, we have, It's eleven episodes. They're referring to it as an anthology. So, my character premiered last week. Right. So, you'll see her throughout the rest of the Of the season. season. Okay. And, it's just this story The feedback has been great. It has been. The feedback has been absolutely amazing. It has been. It has been. It's a complex story that's layered, Um-hm like we are in real life. Um-hm And it's reflective of what's going on. [MUSIC]