Dana Blair sits down with Norwegian superstars Nico & Vinz to discuss their music & ESSENCE Festival heading to South Africa.[SOUND] You came to Essence Festival. I don't know if you heard that we are now doing Essence Festival in Durbin, South Africa. Just made that announcement starting next year. And of course we know your connection to the continent. How do you guys feel about that? That's amazing. We're amazing. It's amazing. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, amazing, agreed. Are we gonna see you guys there possibly, maybe? Hopefully, if you give us that call from the derbin, we're not going to say no. > You're not gonna say no [UNKNOWN] About the new album. New album is called Cornerstone. Actually there's an EP coming before the album. It's coming out November 6th. The album will be on top of the year. The EP has five songs on it including our latest single That's How You Know. Right, that we saw you perform at the top of the show. Exactly. November 6th it is out. It's just a mix of us. Me and Vinz we are so many things. Like you said we have African roots and, We're also Scandinavian and we been rapping a lot before so just like our previous album we're going to bring a lot of those different elements into our music but still we feel like with this sound we have now is very genre blind. Because we feel like this generation we're in right now people listen to all kinds of music regardless of what race they're from or gender or whatever. We, We just like good songs. With streaming services and all this easy to just access different music Definitely at your fingertips. Yeah, so we feel like now that we wanna release an album with just good music. Yeah, what Nico said. What he said, cosign. Cosign. So where did that's how you know you [COUGH] where did that come from? You gotta answer. you think we serious like that. I can totally take you serious. Hello, i'm dressed as a mime. But I can't be talking, I kept drooling and stuff. [UNKNOWN] You just look french, you know. Yeah. You look good [CROSSTALK] Flavor flave or something. A little somethin, somethin. So where did that's how you know, came from. That's how you know, came from just havin fun in the studio, and You know, just singing around, playing around, all of a sudden started singing, [MUSIC] And just like randomly we have fun and we joked about it, and then we're like, hey let's try to record it though. And so we did, and it's like, this is kind of cool. [NOISE]

Oct, 29, 2015