Somi infuses her East African roots and jazzy soul for her latest album, "The Lagos Music Salon" that she recorded in Lagos, Nigeria. Why does an Illinois-bred Harlem-based singer with Rwandan and Ugandan roots choose to record an album in Nigeria? "Lagos feels like an African version of New York City," she says. [UNKNOWN] My name is Somi, I am a vocalist and a song writer. Originally from East Africa Rwanda and Uganda, but live here in New York City, Grew up in Illinois and I have a new record coming out. Its all about my time in [UNKNOWN] Nigeria. Ginger me with. [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] Feels like an African version of New York City. The cosmopolitanism. The energy, the intellectual community, the cultural scene, I mean it's always been sort of a cultural giant on the continent so I really appreciated that energy and being able to come and be a part of it, as opposed to looking at it through sort of diasporic lens [MUSIC] Well, this record, I call the Lagos Music Salon because it's sort of this room full of. Of ideas and conversations I was having with the city, with fellow artists, with myself really, for that year and a half I was living there. And I wanted to celebrate that diversity and celebrate all those different influences. [MUSIC] So you hear a wide range of, of influences. Maybe too many. [LAUGH] But I, I feel as though the story is whole. And the story is about you know just what inspired my heart. And, and I just wanted to be honest with that. [MUSIC] Ginger me, slowly. Yeah slowly. What I would love anybody to know about my music is just that I, I try to be honest with myself. Try to be honest with my heart. You know, it's really just about that visceral connection right? So I hope that if they hear that honesty in my heart that hopefully connects with honesty in their own. [MUSIC] Slow down [MUSIC]
Jul, 25, 2014

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