New & Next: Meet Jazzy Soul Songstress, Kandace Springs

Springs counts Nina Simone, Sade and Prince among her influences. So you can imagine what happened when His Purple Highness recently handpicked her to play with his band, 3rdEyeGirl, at Paisley Park, after listening to her music online. The Nashville native says she’s ready to “bring back old-school soul” in a “new-school way.” Here she performs her latest single, “Forbidden Fruit” from her forthcoming self-titled four-song EP (out Sept. 30).

ESSENCE.COM Sep, 04, 2014
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[MUSIC] Hey, I'm Candace Springs, I'm from Nashville, Tennessee and I am a piano player slash singer [LAUGH] I just finished my record, I'm releasing an EP in September. And it's titled Candace Springs. [MUSIC] Well, I wanna bring back kind of the old school songs. I wanna keep that going, but present it in a new school way, like to where all ages can love and appreciate it. And, that's my ultimate dream. It's like I wanna move people. With my voice and playing and that's how I try to express when I write and perform and all of that [MUSIC] Whoo.