Christian rapper and singer Christon Gray performs "After All" from his debut album, "School of Roses."[MUSIC] My name is Christian Gray. I'm an R&B, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Gospel, did I already say Jazz? Artist from Columbus, Ohio. I've an album out called School of Roses. [MUSIC] I think in the R&B genre we can understand relationships well, but what we learn from them I think is limited by our understanding so in this album I wanted to insert something that was greater than our emotions and what we perceive to be [MUSIC] A proper logic and love. So I'm introducing a very, a very subconscious but, but still overt approach to christianity through the album, [MUSIC] It was only just a matter of time until he makes it to the big stage, drum bass, orchestra leading a [MUSIC] I think music does a great job of relating with people's emotions. I think music is what emotions sound like. That's my definition for it. But, after you experience those emotions, then we're often left wanting to know how to deal with them. So I want to use this platform to insert a solution to listen. Nerves [MUSIC] Maybe I won't be saying after all. Saying after all. Ahya after all. Saying after all. Ahya after all. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]
Aug, 07, 2014

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