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[MUSIC] So tell us about yourself, because all we know is suddenly online your picture was everywhere, and people are calling you Mr. Steal Your Grandma. [LAUGH] Well, I can tell you the story originally started with this guy. He's a Facebook follower of mine. He saw some pictures that I took and he called me and said, hey you mind if I take some pictures off your page and post them on my social page? And I said sure, sure. I said well let me know what you're going to do first because I have pictures of swimming trunks. And so Wednesday I was at work minding my business and he called me. He said, Irvin? And I said, yeah? He said I think we have a problem here. I said what, he is selling these posters to **** for an hour and you got thirty-seven thousand likes already, I said what? My daughter that lives in California, she calls me she says " dad you're on Twitter?" and I said what? She said no you're on Twitter and you're trending, I said what, trending What does that mean?! what does that mean trending? So I get off the phone with her, And go back to him and say no the numbers are growling. [LAUGH] I think we started something. While I'm on the phone with him I get another Facebook friend call from Nigeria and he was so excited. He said my god is this Urban Ren? I said yeah. [LAUGH] He said my god you're famous. I said no. Are you a celebrity? I said no. And he said well your picture is over here they're circulating. I said my god. My god. And I said wow, what could come of this? He said you better be ready for this my brother. Are you ready? You ready? I am ready. This is good. This is god good. I am so happy that I can do this as an older man and show good quality that's coming. Towards the other young men and older men. Yeah. That this can happen. I love it. It's good. Yes. We love having you here. Thank you so much. And I hope you have a great time this weekend. Thank you so much I love coming to the Essence. Yeah. The one year I came here nobody didn't know me so now. Everywhere. I'm really enjoying it. Everyone's like Mister Steal Your Grandma. Yes. [LAUGH] Thank you. Nice to have you. [MUSIC]