Karen Sheard—of gospel greats the Clark Sisters, who will be honored at this year's ESSENCE Festival—and her daughter Kierra reflect on their family's musical legacy. Mommy, come come come come! Come talk to me. Hey, you. I wanted her to be in the children's' choir because I knew, I said I know my daughter's gonna sing because it's in the family and she said no, mom! I don't wanna be with them children, no. I don't wanna be with them. I said, Kira, would you do me a favor? To sing this song that I sang with mom. And she said, okay mom, okay. It may be. It may be. On a mountain peak. On a mountain peak. Or in. Or in. The valley. Lay low. Other than lay low. Wherever it maybe. Wherever it maybe. If God says. If God says. Go. Go. Go. Go. [MUSIC] That's the one I usually can't do. No, do it, do it. No, I can't do that. Do it. I don't even remember it. You did it better than me, come on. [MUSIC] See that's the next generation run riff. [LAUGH] But it was messed up though. I was wiggling. Please sounds awesome. One moment that I really felt like you helped me on was when I called you about my weight coming off. It was like my second song and I went and I swung my hair and I came back up and it was like You gonna go up, but I'm gonna stay down here on this floor. And I wanted to pass out and lay out with the wig, but I just got rowdy, was like, let's do this and I just started swinging my wig. And you told me about your story of when you were with your sisters and your slip was coming down while you were singing. I literally like froze. My mama [UNKNOWN] was like Just pick it up and just keep singing. And I picked up my flip and I did like this. My god. And I swung it over there by Twinkie. And the audience went crazy. The same thing. But it's so much that you shared with me that has been a blessing to me to this day. If I'm still applying it now and I'm sure I'll still be in a place so I'll just Thank God you're, you truly an angel to me and i love my mommy. I love you too. I love you too this is amazing that we have had the same moment. [MUSIC]

May, 11, 2016

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