Find out why the single dad from North Carolina is ready to love again.Hi, I'm Leon Craig. I'm 47, I, I'm from North Carolina, Charlotte. I still live there, I have a house there. I raise my two kids. It's one of the most important things in life to me, because you're raising someone that gonna take a liking of yourself. And you have to instill the values of you. And you want to instill them the best of life. And the most, most valuable things in life, you know, the importance of things: love, family, religion. Right. All those, education, all those things that they need to know about. We raise our people to do from the perspective of you know, treating a woman. Open the door for her, cooking for her. A man, just because he cooks, that doesn't make him weak and, and just because a man cries, doesn't make him weak. I think all those things, those South-, Southern values are very important because a young man needs to see those things that a kid still does, a man still does for his kids and. And, I make sure when my daughter. She's dating now. She's 18, and so when the guy comes to pick her up I say don't go let him toot that horn and don't go out that door for him. Let him come in the door and ring the doorbell and come and meet me and say hi, to release you to him. Hey ladies. Check out the new Essence Magazine. Get to know me, so I can get to know you.
Jun, 29, 2014

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