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[MUSIC] Hi, this is Yolanda Sangweni and Essence Live, and I'm here with the cast of The Color Purple, Jennifer, Danielle, and Cynthia. I can already feel the sisterhood. Can you feel it? Yeah! And you hear like the song thirty? That's right. Yeah, and you know The Color Purple means so much to each and every one of us, the movie, the actual book. Tell me about how you interact with The Color Purple, even if it's the book or the actual film Well you know what's crazy is I started out every journal entry with Dear God now because of the book, because of this journey I'm about to take. And it's actually the first broadway show that I ever saw, I was 15 years old and it changed my life and made me want to become an actress and be an artist. So it really means a lot to now step into the role of Sophia. That Oprah originated and start my first Broadway debut with these women, who are doing their first Broadway debut, it's exciting. Yeah. Yeah. Well I don't know, for me, I guess Color Purple is something you can not detach It's like once you've seen in it, once you've tapped in to it, it's a part of you. And I think just being a woman alone makes you interact with it and walk away with something from it like the power and the- The positivity to me that Sug brings or the strength that Sophia has. Celie, [UNKNOWN] she's like the base of it all. So it's like all of those things, it somehow becomes instilled in you, and you carry it with you. And I think that's why it's still here today. I feel like everyone Essence, the office is always like, You told Harpo to bite you? No! [LAUGH] There's these lines that stay with you for years now. Right. Yeah. How many times have you seen the movie? Oh, a hundred. This movie, whenever it comes on, you watch it. [CROSSTALK] And you know it's musical so Jennifer and Cynthia [INAUDIBLE] you're gonna be singing in this. Yes, I'm planning something yes I am. [CROSSTALK] So we're gonna get to see you singing? Yes Ma'am. You will. Yes. We are so ready. Thank you. Cynthia, what tips have you given to Jennifer and Danielle? Because it's going to be a whole different life! 8 shows a week? You live a little bit like a monk. And you just have to basically just take care of yourself. We will take care of each other. I will make sure that I will try to help as much as I can. And just look after one another. We look after each other. That is the main thing about it I always say that once you have each other's back you can't go wrong. And the beauty is we're gonna have yours too being that she's from London. You know what I mean? Yes. We'll be your family here. Yes! The Wayfun family. She likes us too. The Color Purple the musical coming to Broadway November 9. Oh, previews. Sorry. We got you! [MUSIC]

Meet the New Stars of 'The Color Purple'

Jennifer Hudson, Danielle Brooks and Cynthia Erivo talk about their new sisterhood while working on this iconic play.