[MUSIC] I'm a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated, I cannot be, Undermined. I cannot be thought to be a friend of Bill O'Reilly, or anybody. My position against this president, and his administration, is clear. I oppose this president. I do not honor this president. I do not respect this president. It's the most outrageous and ridiculous president that this country has ever had. He is not someone That deserve to be president of the United States of America respecting and honoring others because he does not. This ceremony people laugh, they smile, they shake hands, they hug each other, they honor the president. I'm not about any of that. Hell, no, I won't go. I"m not gonna sit down with him. I'm not gonna go. I'm not gonna pretend. I don't honor him, I don't respect him, and I don't wanna be involved with it. No, I don't trust him. I don't believe him. I have no intentions of sitting down with him. I'm prepared to interact with the President only when he He puts up his budget and his agenda that I'm going to have to fight. To talk to some of those who voted for him. He made a lot of promises and they believed him. He did a lot of dog whistling. I'm not going to be put down. I'm not going to go anywhere, I'm gonna stay on the issues. [MUSIC]

Mar, 31, 2017