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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Long ago black people weren't able to do as much stuff as white people. They had different stores and different stuff just for white people. He tried to help other, he tried to help other people get along and black people and white people can go wherever they want. He wrote a speech and everybody just started listening to him. He really changed the world for our generation. He accomplished making everybody every race equal. Than being like friends, and going to the same places, going to the same restaurtants, and same shopping areas. He made a speech in Washington DC called I Have a Dream. That I should be proud of who I am and believe in myself. He tried to, he, he tried to break slavery and we're gonna go on the bus, go on the bus. And sit wherever they want. Some people can have glasses, some don't. Everybody's really different really, so we don't really look the same, but we're still people. [MUSIC].
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