Having healthy hair is as simple as opening your pantry.Hi, I'm Deena Campbell, Hair and Beauty Editor at Essence.com, and today I have Lisa Price with me. She's the founder of Carol's Daughter, and she's going to tell us five ingredients we can mix from our kitchen to make healthy hair treatments. So what's the first thing we should use. [MUSIC]. When making healthy hair treatment from our kitchen. Well, healthy hair always starts with a healthy scalp. And I love hair oil for the scalp. It's something that you want to massage into your scalp. You wanna be able to take your hair oil and maybe mix it with a conditioner or a mask to make a really deep treatment for your hair. And you can make your own hair oil, getting things like basil. Fresh mint. Rosemary. So we have a few ingredients here. Uh-huh. Tell us a little bit about how we should use them. Okay, so we have some extra virgin olive oil that we're gonna use as our base oil. We're gonna warm this up in a sauce pan, and then we have fresh herbs that we can add to that oil. Smells so good. [CROSSTALK]. We have mint. Basil and rosemary and you can purchase them at the supermarket. Okay. So this is something that's not difficult to get. And what you wanna do when you're putting it in, in the oil, you want to bruise the leaves a little bit to start to release the oils from it. So you're gonna let that steep, then you take the herbs out of the oil. Okay. And then you, you can use that oil as is. Or you can take it up a notch with some essential oil drops. So we have rosemary and peppermint here. Okay. And the ratio that you wanna use is six drops to every two ounces. You wanna use glass bottles. We have some plastic ones here which are great travel options to keep things from breaking. Sure. But what you make and keep at home, you wanna use glass when you make it. How much time do we need to create this? This is really quick and easy. This is probably five minutes. Prep, tops. The part that's gonna take the longest is steeping the herbs in that warm oil. But you can go do something else while that's happening. Okay. Once you've turned off that flame and the, the oil is warm and the herbs are in there. You let that steep and you walk away and do something else. Then when you go to apply it on your hair, it's only gonna take you a couple of minutes to put it in and massage it. Nice. So very easy. Very easy.

Jun, 29, 2014

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