"Issa Rae, That's My Baby:" Kofi Siriboe Reveals His Crush On 'Black Women In Hollywood" Red Carpet

ESSENCE.COM Feb, 24, 2017
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[MUSIC] I don't know. We may know you. What's up, friends? How you been? Good, good to see you. You're all just acquainted and stuff? He was on Essence Live. We was in New York we was turned up. I'm Kori nice to meet you. He's like I'm Kofi like we don't know. I know, we know who you are. How have you been? I've been amazing. How about yourself? I mean honestly not as fabulous as you. I mean you have to tell us who you're wearing. I don't know who I'm wearing. What? I trusted my pops to put it together. When your family says they got you, they got you. Well didn't we talk about last time? Well, he has you. He did though. Hey, I'm working on it. This is all new to me. [LAUGH] How are you doing? Good, good, I can't wait for tonight, this is amazing. I see all my crushes in one building. You can't handle yourself. I can't handle myself. I'll keep it together, I'm working on it. Who are the crushes? Can you drop some names? See now you asking for some. Esarai that's my baby. Look at her now she's just Look at her doing her interview she's just so beautiful. She's just so beautiful. I kind of feel like you're stalking her just a little bit. So we'll let her go. So you were asking me a question what was it? I did ask him a question and he answered. Are you already filming season two? I leave tomorrow to start. Back out in June. June we're coming back. I wish I had a script, I don't know, don't try and get nothing out of me. I feel like I don't believe you because last time I interviewed him it was right before the finale, and you didn't share anything. I will tell you. He didn't tell us anything, everyone is such. I'm not that secretive. I am but I will tell you, I promise. A little bit? Something? And you're going to Louisiana to film, my homeland. Yeah. Yeah. He still won't tell me. I'm sorry. This is how you can't build relationships sometime in Hollywood people. Here we go. Right here. This one. And this is your first time attending Black Women in Hollywood? This is my first time. Now please tell me, from a male perspective, why do you feel an event like this is so important? Because I feel like black women, specifically are deprived Of love and it's like they have this idea that black women's suppose to be so strong. Nothing affects them they just hold everything down but don't get credit. So, I love that black women are giving each other credit. Without relying on the man or relying on the system. They said no, we're gonna take initiative and do this for ourselves. And I mean look at the night, ten years in. And I feel like it's so amazing that they incorporated men to show them how much we appreciate and love them so. I just think it's powerful all around [UNKNOWN] it's what needs to be done, period. And now he drops the mic. I know. I was about to say you could drop the mic now. That was perfect. That's I feel. That was beautiful though. Cheers. That were fine. And then we have to get back to you as well. You're fine example to all the other Young men out there or some women who are trying to raise sons and or have brothers and then point them in the right direction if you will. Yeah. You're a great example. I appreciate that. I will say I'm just exploring and learing myself, so I learn as I go. And I'm just trying to share that because of my platform. I have a voice, so I'm trying to use it the best way possible. But I don't know everything. I might mess up if I do, don't get too mad at me. [LAUGH] But the whole the whole point is that we need to acknowledge what's true and this is what's truth for ourselves. Thank you so much for that, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you