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[BLANK_AUDIO] So yesterday we had the entire Chanda Linn family. All of the actors from all three shows, although there's going to be a forth. All of the actors together looking beautiful and fabulous and well-dressed. And color-coordinated, and we were all in a room to do this massive portrait for Shonda and her land. Shonda Rhimes far exceeds any prayer I could have come up with for the best boss ever. She is a friend She's an inspiration. She's a role model. She's a leader. She is a, she's really such an example for me as a woman, as a person of color, as a mom, as an employer, as an artist, as a human being I think the thing that I love most about playing Olivia Pope is that I'm constantly learning more about her. You know I come from film, so I'm used to playing a character for three or four months. Or even in the theater where you may play a character for a year, but it's that same moment in their life. Over and over again. And the thing about doing television is that you get to discover more and more about your character because you live with them but you live with them in all different situations and scenarios over four years now. So I just love her, I love Her imperfections, I love her fabulousness, I love how strong and smart she is, I love how vulnerable and imperfect she is. She's a real gift to me in my life. I have to say I think my favorite line on the show is not a line that I got to say. I think my favorite line Line on this show is probably I'm Quinn ****. Which is probably a [UNKNOWN] line. So that's probably my favorite. But I've had some great ones. It's handled is so classic that's probably the one people on the street say to me the most. I kind of live the [UNKNOWN] Speeches. You know when she pokes someone, those moments are really fun because I think as a woman to be able to have that sense of authority, and give somebody a good read is really fun.
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