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It feels great to have my son with me on the cover. I don't think I, I ever dreamt of anything like this, but the fact that it's actually happening. And ya know, we just get a chance to share this moment together is really gonna be awesome. There's so many ways it has changed my life but one significant change is just what's important. The things that are important. Love, genuine love family just, just the realness of that and how pure he is. Just so amazing. All he has to do is smile for me and my world is wonderful. It, it starts my day. I, actually, look forward to it every morning. I wake up or try to wake up before he does which is now, usually, been the case that I wake up before him. When we see each other he just. Lights up. And I want him to know, that, just who he is, you know, with, within his home, within these walls, with family, with real friends, so he knows what's real and what's pure and what isn't. Cause I think that it's, it's such a culture shock when you go in, out into the world. You know, you kinda tryna figure out exactly what is what. And I want him to establish that now, to feel that now, with his family, and you know that's really important to me.

Kelly Rowland on Sharing ESSENCE Cover with Son Titan

Watch candid moments between our April cover star and her son Titan while she discusses the ways he has changed her life.