[BLANK_AUDIO] Jordan Peel's new movie, Get Out, continues to dominate the conversations online. Not only is everyone loving it, but theories about the film's symbolism are also wild. Note spoilers ahead, some folks think Rose's separating her cereal from her milk is symbolic of her true desire for separation of the races. Really, I mean, we just thought she was weird but whatever. Meanwhile, the film's creator and director, Jordan Peele, has revealed that he originally had a much darker ending planned for the film. He told Buzzfeed's Another Realm podcast That in one scenario, the main character, Chris, went to jail for the murders of his girlfriend's family, but instead it was very clear that the ending needed to transform into something that gives us a hero, that gives us an escape, that gives us a positive feeling when we leave this movie. I love the ending but what do you guys think about this? Do you think that if Chris got away at the end of the movie, it would make it more realistic? Or do you like it the way it is? Let us know in the comments below. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Mar, 10, 2017

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