Is it Acceptable for a Husband to Take His Wife's Last Name?

Zoe Saldana's husband Marco Perego has switched the game up by taking Zoe's last name. Are we on board for the switcheroo or are we sticking to tradition? Our #SlayedorShade panel discusses.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 11, 2015
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Zoe Saldana recently revealed that her husband, Marco Perego, decided to take her surname. She admitted she had fears that he would be emasculated by his Latin community of men but that Marco just didn't care. Zoe's revelation created a lot... Of buzz, prompting her to post a response on her Facebook page, clearing the air and telling fans, she is actually proud her husband took her last name. Do we Slay the Saldanas because it's 2015, who needs traditionalist rules? Or do we Shade the Saldanas because it just seems weird? Here we go. Count of three. One, two, three. Oh, two slays and a shade. All right, Gia, start off with the shade, girl. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Personally, I would not. Like, my man, to take my last name, because when I think about like my brother and the men in my family, I want them to continue the tradition of carrying the family name. Now, I also hate to be Wendy here, but, no one really knows who this artist is. Marco. Who Marco is, and I didn't even know his name was Marco. So I'm like, is this a bit of opportunistic, so you can be like my name is Marco Saldano. Instead of, my name's Marco whatever because you know. I think Zoe's amazing. Everything she does is amazing. Right, she's very talented. But know. She's also formerly known as [INAUDIBLE] and I might just point that out. [CROSSTALK] That out. She's amazing, though. So congratulations to them, everybody does what they do. But there's just a little shade in there that I don't understand. A little shade? A little bit. All right. Andrea? I actually thing that this is and probably an artist couple and they're just going against the rules. And that's why I kinda like it. I think it suits Zoe. I think it's like, we don't know this artist. And maybe, who knows if it's opportunistic, but this is an interesting way to learn about him. What? In terms of the kind of man That is that committed to his woman that he's like, you know what, I will take this last name instead. It's something unique, it's not for everybody. I'm not even sure it's for me, but I do think that it suits Zoe, and just the artist that she is. Alan, I'll actually let you have the final word on this one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well I wish I had like a shady slade because I'm like 50-50. I mean. Okay. All right. Shady slade. From a guy's perspective. Me personally, I'm not taking your last name bae. I'm not taking it. Well I didn't extend that. You just gonna put it out there like that. Well for Zoe, [LAUGH] I think that, you know that's a woman empowerment. You know what I'm saying? If she can you know have a man fall in love with her that much, that he gonna take her last name, go for it. So does it depend on the woman then? As a man, so does it depend? Nah, you gonna keep my last name. Oh. Everybody's just, wait. Yeah yeah yeah. That's right. I mean. That's right. Wow, this story also had a lot of comments on our Facebook page, obviously. Dawn Melissa Coe says, "Slay, that tradition... That traditional needs to be put to rest. It was about ownership when women had no agency over their lives, bodies, or possessions. They were being transferred from being daddy's property to hubby's. Some traditions need to end. Oh wow. I wasn't ready for daddy's property. [CROSSTALK] So there you go, Dawn has spoken. [LAUGH] I wanna thank everyone who chimes in on social media. Your opinions are definitely valued. The show wouldn't be what it is without all of y'all.