Eva Marcille and Celia Smith host this years street style fashion show! Watch the ladies of the ESSENCE Festival hit the Center Stage for a fashion show like no other![MUSIC] This year the Essence Festival has brought out, a multitude of fashions. And today we will be showcasing some of the most fashion forward looks, in our Street Style Fashion Show, right behind me on the center stage. The girls are lined up and getting ready to hit the catwalk, so let's see how they look. All righty, so, the fashion show is about to happen, the ladies are lined up. I'm looking for fashion. I'm looking for beauty. I am looking for color how cute are you, I love your hair! Okay? Cute hair! I like. Hi, love your colors. It's all about colors for the summer. There's some good competition. May the best lady win. [MUSIC] We're going to have the best of the convention center style that we saw come on the stage and work it. This is their fashion, this is about [INAUDIBLE]. So this guy brings in cell fashion. We didn't put them in any of these clothes. These women, Finally, Got up this morning and put these outfits on and did their hair and their makeup and this is the expression of them. I think we have a winner. I think we have a winner, okay. Eva. [NOISE]. Honey, give it, it was great being on stage. It was such a pleasure meet Mrs. Eva. I had a wonderful time showing off my curves. My dress is Corey Curran. I just love to wear what works with me and shows off my curves and my assets. [MUSIC]

Jul, 24, 2014

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