Learn more about the story behind Emmy-awarding winning talk-show host, philanthropist, actress and producer, Oprah Winfrey. [SOUND] Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by GEICO. Oprah is so, so rich. She's the wealthiest black woman and the fifth wealthiest self-made woman in the US. Her net worth is larger than the GDP of 30 countries, including Liberia and Belize. And was the world's first black woman billionaire. Oprah is so rich she once Fed Exed her horses from a farm in Indiana to her home in Hawaii. How did she make so much bank? When she was only 19, Oprah became Nashville's first ever black female evening news anchor on the CBS affiliate. In the mid 80s Oprah moved to Chicago to host a 30 minute talk show called AM Chicago on the local ABC affiliate. Within they year, AM Chicago topped the ratings, was expanded to an hour and renamed the Oprah Winfrey Show. Welcome to the very first national Oprah Winfrey Show. [APPLAUSE] The show ran for 25 years, was the top-rated talk show in America for all those years, and won so many Emmys that in 1999 Oprah removed her show from consideration. She made money on the show through syndication. Every local station across the country wanted to air the Oprah Winfrey Show and would pay top dollar for it. Oprah owns her production company HarpoStudios Inc which allowed her to expand and to film, radio, magazines and her cable channel OWN. Because Oprah owns her production company she's made a lot of income from the talent she's Brought to TV, like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, and Rachael Ray. Her magazine, O, has a circulation of 2.4 million. She's also a savvy investor, Oprah made $70 million from her Wight Watchers endorsement. When she put a 10% stake in the company, stock value doubled. Oprah was ranked the highest paid celebrity four years in a row, from 2008 to 2012. Oprah's done very well for herself, especially considering her humble beginnings. She grew up in Mississippi and Tennessee in poverty. A true rags to riches story. Go, O, go! [MUSIC] Coinage, Life, well spent. Presented by GEICO.

Mar, 21, 2017

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