Tame those crazy edges the right way.Another question that I always get from women is how to protect their edges. Women, you know, if you've been wearing extensions, or braids, you tend to get a little thing around there. Or, like Lisa here, if you're transitioning and it's summertime, you don't know what to do to keep your edges nice and smooth. So I have a really quick fix for you. Couple hot tips. First off, don't use a lot of heat, your edges are very thin, they're very fragile, you can lower the temperature on your flat iron, or your curling iron, before you start hitting those edges. Once you have your edges, smooth, then the next step, is keeping them smooth. And I know that sounds like hard work, but it's really easy. Get yourself a good edge tamer. And all you have to do is just lightly hit that hair on the edges and then use your finger or your comb just to smooth it down so it stays nice and smooth. If you only apply a little bit of product and only apply it when needed, then your edges will stay straight longer. So if it's the middle of the week and your edges are starting to revert, or not laying as smooth as you would like them to. Take a curling iron or a small flat iron and just heat it up until it's just warm. Not hot, but warm. Hold your hair back, hold your edges smooth. And lightly drag the iron across your edges no more than two times. That is enough heat to smooth the edges back out. If need be, then you can apply a little bit more of your edge tamer. Don't use a lot of product. Because when you a use a lot of an edge tamer or product on your edges. As the product starts to break down, it will get runny or oily and make your edges curl back up. So really, just a little bit will do the trick. So remember ladies, low heat and a little bit of product and your edges will stay nice and smooth all day long.

Jun, 29, 2014

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