[BLANK_AUDIO] My boyfriend finishes really fast during sex, now that's a problem. Sometimes within the first minute, ooh. How do I get him to last longer? Ooh, Michelle, what tips do you have for this? Let's go to the sexologist here. Well I think there's a few things, one, I don't want to offend anybody here, but porn is a big problem. In our bedrooms and in our relationships. Porn has kind of taken over, it's everywhere. Where it's really easily accessible to people and a lot of people are getting exposure to porn a lot more than they'd like to admit. Makes sense. So there's a couple things. One there's a technique called edging that men can do. Where it's kind of like an exercise where you would want them to get aroused, and you're going through the sexual response cycle, and you get them to that plateau phase right before orgasm. Then right when a man feels like he's going to orgasm, he wants to grab the base of his shaft, and underneath the scrotum, and kind of put some pressure there. And stop whatever is happening for him to want to ejaculate, because you can teach the body to last longer in bed through masturbation and this process called edging. It can really help to prolongate a man's sustainability. That's one, now two. Let's not just hop right into the p, okay? Take it slow. Yeah, and that's why I was saying porn always just gives us right to the action, genitals to genitals. Boom. But that's not how women warm up. It takes women about 15 to 20 minutes to get to the Stage of plateau before they reach orgasm. And for men it's a lot quicker. So what I might suggest is a little bit more foreplay. Bring back the finger popping, pay attention to those boobies. Take your time before we go into actual penile vagina penetration and that can really really help. I always say women are microwaves right. I mean women are ovens and men are microwaves so. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Feb, 23, 2017

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