The happy couple, and new reality TV stars, test their compatibility on camera.[MUSIC] Alright, what is my favorite musical artist? Oh, he oh, oh yeah. That's his biggest thing. Okay. Be. Yeah, my girl. Favorite food you cook. Yeah. Alright, so I got this. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Babe buy some more letters. [LAUGH] I think you got it wrong. You do? Yes. You better not. Hey, you Oh I think, don't oh. You ready? Okay, okay, okay. Oh, yeah, see I make him a fish [UNKNOWN] or like tacos. I wasn't sure which one you'd think. Do you remember the day you first met? Yes, because he was a bum. Hold on. Boom. [LAUGH] Turn around [MUSIC] Wow. Yeah. [NOISE] Oh, you too are too sweet. Who snores louder? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Babe, I don't even snore. He snores louder, people. Who's most likely to say I'm sorry or I was wrong? Me. [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] They could get bored with [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, baby. [SOUND] That's a wrap.
Jun, 29, 2014

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