Gabrielle Union Skipped Her Wrap Party To Host ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Because Duh!

As the wife to NBA star Dwyane Wade, star of BET's Being Mary Jane and a working actress currently wrapping a movie, Gabrielle Union is a very busy lady. Finding time in her schedule is a pretty hard thing to do. But for the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood event, our November cover star reserved the night just for us! While she did miss out on a movie wrap party, we can bet the sisterhood of the 10th annual event definitely made up for it!

ESSENCE.COM Feb, 24, 2017
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[MUSIC] Hi, hi, hi. How are you, Gabrielle Union? Good. The hostess with the mostest. I'm giving you [UNKNOWN] in a little bit. Yes, absolutely. [LAUGH] No, no, no, no, and I'm gonna walk away. No, you look absolutely stunning. Who are you wearing? Prada. Prada. Prada. So when you got the call that send hello? Hi yes Black Women in Hollywood, can you host this year for our tenth anniversary, no pressure? What did you say? I said yes, and then I was like wait, I'm shooting a movie. Can we make this happen? And I wrapped last night at 9:00 in Cincinnati. What? And flew in this morning. So this is like a celebration. Everyone be happy, yes. Amazing. This is my wrap party, except I'm not drunk yet. I love it. Give it time. Give it time. That will not be aired, that will not be aired. So how are you feeling, the night has begun but you're gonna hit the stage soon. I get a little nervous because now, I'm seeing people that I fan out for. I had a little moment over there with Isa. I love her in a way that is so unhealthy for me. [LAUGH] It's very unhealthy. Ditto. I'm obsessed. Me and my husband sent her flowers. She's right there. I'm like obsessed. We're talking about you, we're talking about you Lisa. She says she's stalking you. I'm like me and my husband sent her flowers. [LAUGH] We said she's outside your house right now. The younger generation they're killing it. Sorry to cut you off, but you know your speech is one of the all time best moments in Black Women in Hollywood history. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. And he was just an honest one. Just trying to- Yes. Share my truth instead of the usual cliche stuff. Cuz I was going there and then my girlfriend, my life coach at the time, AJ Johnson was like, well we can actually turn this moment into something bigger if you're willing to do the work. Absolutely. You know, you've been doing the work, how about we share what that work has been. I'm like but what if they hate me? What if they, you get nervous about the reaction and so as I was up there, I remember looking at Oprah and Iyanla like this. [LAUGH] Their mouths were just open. And it was too much, too much? You don't [INAUDIBLE] It was perfect. But the response that I got that night, that I still get four years later has been tremendous. I was in the room, I was way back in the room. I was in the back working. [LAUGH] But I was in the room. But you where there? It was absolutely amazing. The sincerity, the honor and the strength that it took for you to be that vulnerable, thank you. Yeah. Thank you so much for that. You realize when you get older, you're like [LAUGH] What's gonna happen? Right. Nothing. Nothing is gonna happen if I'm modest. Right. But it doesn't feel like that, you know when you're young you feel like, if I tell the truth they're gonna take everything away from me. Yeah. And you can't, you can't take my dignity that it's you know, you can't take my journey but you don't know that, we don't say it enough Absolutely. We're gonna let you get to your hosting duties, we're not gonna hold you, they're wrapping us up. If you could just pet her a little bit. Just pet her a little bit. I'm definitely gonna pet her. And then next time I see you I'm gonna touch you and her magic will have rubbed off. [MUSIC]