Romeo vs. Hakeem? We Get The Scoop On The Upcoming 'Empire' Rivalry

Are you #TeamRomeo or #TeamHakeem? On this week's episode of ESSENCE Live, rapper and actor Romeo Miller spills the deets on his upcoming guest appearance on FOX's Empire and all the drama that's forthcoming between his character and the youngest Lyon son.  

ESSENCE.COM Sep, 30, 2016
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Let's talk about some of the police brutality that's going on right now in the United States. And it's a big it's finally right now on entertainment, social medial as well as the political now. What are your thoughts right now on police brutality in America especially as it targets. Young black men. Yeah, where do we start, like that's something where you need more than a day. Right. More than a month, more than a year, cuz it's been going on for so long. But me growing up and being a young black male, my whole life always, I knew that I had to Be more cautious with the police. You know when I had like some of my you know chinese friends a white friends in a car there was one time a police was behind us and he put on his siren and I'm like pulling up seatbelt don't say nothing you know. Etcetera,and I'm like why are you freaking out. I'm like I just need to be cool and calm I don't say not react. And the police went pass it. But its just like crazy for me growing up. Thar's always kind like a reap to me. And it's real because in this world we see whats going on it's real life. It's been happening for a long time But it's a tough position for both, too, doing that job. I mean, if you're gonna live in fear though, if you're gonna be afraid, don't do that job. Let the next person do it. Let somebody do it who's brave, who's gonna put their life on the line. Cuz we can't be murdering innocent people. Right. And I just think it's not even a colored thing, it's a human thing. Dang, it's good a bad. I mean, we've good cops too. We've got- Right, no, definitely. Good cops, we've got cops. Right. We've got good people, we've got people. You've got good sports stories, you've got bad stories, that's life. Right. So, I think it just starts with us understanding each other. I think a lot of people think you have to be able to relate to the person, but A white kid from Wisconsin is not gonna relate to me fully. He may understand, but he can't truly relate. And I think that's where the world has to be. We have to realize we really want peace, if we really wanna make a difference. We really wanna make a change, we gotta learn and live in peace. And not worry about understanding, but just letting that person live their life happy and peace, and not living in fear. Did your father give you any tips growing up? Like look son, okay. Once you started driving like that instance you just mentioned. Not. Conduct yourself this way. Let me tell you what my pop says. I know my pop says from one of the murder capitals Calliope Projects. Gold Teeth, Master P, Gangster rapper, and this dude will literally tell me growing up as a kid When you see the cops, you better be the nerdiest, damn kid ever. Right. Don't speak back, do whatever they say, because for us, one wrong move could be your life. And that's something my dad knew, and that's what we got, cuz that is the sad truth, but we have to educate our young, black men. If you wanna be walking home in this, they are waking up. Sometimes we can't just do what we wanna do in situation which is bad. But I have been in a situation where i had been pulled over and I have really feared for my life sometimes. But I can say it's good and bad, you get some people who abuse the authority.We were there with basketball coaches, my coach One that didn't recruit me. He tried to use that power against me, tried to make me quit. I didn't quit. Right. But that's something I could deal with. You gotta learn how to live your life and still cooperate so you can see another day. Mm-hm. My dad used to say, yeah when I get pulled over out of all his brothers. You maybe the most gangster 1. When I get reported by cops, yes sir. Right. Is that I put my **** up. Like you said that your job is to come home. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Thank you so much touching on that. [BLANK_AUDIO] Let's talk Empire. You're Hakeem's rival, if you will, this season? Yeah, this season, my character name is Gram. Mm-hm. He's Hakeem's rival and He's Tiana's love interest, and my first appearance is the next episode to third episode so y'all get introduced to Gram. And I was just a blessing being a part of that and that was, I was like if I could play one character I pray to God literally this specific character. And now I'm here. Now, what was the audition process like? Yeah, that audition process, it was a wild, people I don't know. Like I'll go in there, I'll meet with Lee, I'll meet with his sister, I'll read back and forth, and it was down a Two guys, me and another guy. Do you know who that other guy was? Yeah, the whole world know, cuz I kinda. But it shows that what's meant for you happens. I'm saying, during the process, did you know? I did. Okay. I knew it was me and Cudi. Mm-hm. And I just knew it, just direction-wise, if you wanted to go the more different type of- Right, different flavor. Weird, if you wanted the more romantic. [CROSSTALK] Will Smith [LAUGH] Didn't go your direction then right? Yeah. And now there are also some pictures that you mentioned now you have a love interest on the show? Yeah. But there have been some pictures of you out and about with Serayah from the show. Really? Now what's that about? Can you spill some tea? Co-stars can't hang out. No, they can. I'm asking are you just hanging out though? Co-stars can hang out. How you doing? Diane and I, we hang out. Is that, you hang out with your co-star? You know, but- No, but we're really actually Cool, we're really good friends. We have a lot in common, and our characters, they have to be very close and bond, and so it's cool. So if you start dating in real life, you're gonna come back to Essence Live and you're gonna tell us? [LAUGH] Is that what you're saying? Look, we're costars right now, and good friends. Okay. We're gonna be hanging out a lot. I caught the look, like, get to the next question. [LAUGH] So I mentioned you were all over TV- She's a superstar, though. No- Yeah. Definitely. [BLANK_AUDIO]