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[MUSIC] I want to talk about blackness in the media and black celebrity. Specifically, it's been a huge topic of conversation right now because Beyonce's black. She's made some statements. For real? And her Formation video, which as a Louisiana girl, hit very close to home for me. Katrina, New Orleans Police Department. The [MUSIC] Stop shooting us. Black lives matter references. And of course Cam Newton. All of these happening in symbol time ironically. Making comments about greets and things of that nature in color greens. Things that seem to make the general public if you feel uncomfortable. So why do you think that is the means kind of obvious their ethnic group. But if anyone please are free just jump right on in. Just This is kitchen table talk. Personally, I think we've been trying to get the message of black culture out for so long and the things that are happening to us in America that we chose Super Bowl as the biggest platform for us to really Really express our message. Beyonce's not the biggest activist and Cam Nu's not the biggest activist but if they can sprinkle some kind of message in there like Beyonce did with her Super Bowl performance, I see no issue. We're not saying it's us versus them, it's just saying these are the problems that we're going to address. Through our art. But don't you think that's maybe what made so many people uncomfortable? Because Beyonce was the safe black girl? She's the girl next door. You're like she's cute. She's the one black friend that come come to the birthday party! Don't bring two. You know what I mean? And she was also your one black friend that everyone aspired to be. So when you speak with any celebrity of any They're all like we bow down to Beyonce. Right. We all wanna be Beyonce when I grow up. Everyone from Taylor Swift to anyone on down. True. So, the fact that Beyonce someone who has sort of be one of the poster children for being post racial was so overtly black and- Right turn. Overtly black statement that she has ever made in here career. It was, I think, jarring to a lot of people, because a lot of people had essentially forgotten that Beyoncé was black. They're just worried about her influence. The act that she's able to reach so many people on both sides of the coin, it's like, wait a minute. We have another one that's that big that can influence how my little Becky could think? and wake her up to what is black lives matter. Wait a minute, if Beyonce likes my lipstick color and I find out who Huey P Newton is, that can be a problem within the households of America sometimes. For her to be so outspoken on women's rights, for her to go the black route. I think that might have even draw it, and we don't know yet, but I wonder what her endorsements are gonna be like coming out of this. That interesting. The business side. But don't you feel like Beyonce has gotten to a point in her career where she can take those type of risks because if she never makes another album again, if she never makes another dollar again She is good. Blue Ivy is good. If Jay-z never makes any money again, she's like I got you. We're going to Red Lobster, we're doing the helicopters, she's like I- cheddar biscuits [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Like she's got the cheddar [LAUGH] And each other biscuit. We can have a legacy. So she can say what she wants to say now and isn't that the definition of f u money right. Like I got this now I can truly say what I want to say. As a celebrity they really have no choice. Everyone is always gonna hate on everything they do. But what I find interesting is that someone might Trump can go out an openly say racist things, and those same people who are trying to protest Beyonce, who actually didn't even show up. Two people showed up. Two people showed up. They were probably just like It was like some old guy and a Think like his wife has something [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] They were outnumbered obviously. Right. But where were they when Trump says things like he wants to close the border and he says racist things about muslims. So I mean it's just interesting that we see this reaction When Beyounce is talking about things that are actually happening in this country. Kids are actually being shot by police officers. Yeah. These are facts. These are facts. Right. [MUSIC]

Why Exactly Did Beyonce Receive Backlash for Embracing Her Blackness?

Beyonce is and always has been Black. Journalist Lola Ogunnaike, Vibe Editor-in-Chief Datwon Thomas and Radio 1 host Lowkey weigh in on why people were so uncomfortable with Queen Bey being unapologetically Black in "Formation."