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[MUSIC] Hey, this is your boy. Thomas Miles, Nephew Tommy, the official host of the Essence Festival. This is my sixth year. I am considered the ambassador of the Essence Festival. And I promise you, if you have not come to one Essence, you have no idea what you missed. Today is all about Essence Festival confessions. That's where we let you know exactly what goes on behind the stage have no urkly idea goes on. That's behind the stage, on the side, you won't believe the stories that they're going to drop on you. Here it is. Hi, I'm Yolanda Sangweni, entertainment editor, and this will be my fifth Essence festival, so come closer 'cause I'm going to tell you a little backstage tidbit. So back in 2011, Kanye West had come back to the Essence Festival, it was his second Essence Festival performance... So afterwards I'm like I have to meet Kanye West. I have to meet Kanye West. Artists don't really want a lot of people backstage. But here I am pretending to be like a photo assistant. So I'm standing backstage and then everyone is like clear out everybody. Clear out. I was like. I'm not clearing out. Because I have to meet Kanye West. Do you understand? So then [LAUGH] So then I was like, trying to be the photo assistant, trying to be incognito, you know. Trying to see, like, I'm trying to be invisible woman. I was like, you can't see me, you can't see me, you can't see me. Did she just say that? I waited. I laid in the cut and then I saw him. He had on a red Velvet outfits. That's it, I made my move. Oh! I was like, Kanye! Oh my god! Kanye! He was like, oh come on, let's take a picture. He was just really, really sweet. It was wonderful, it was one of my favorite memories. It was like a Disney movie or something. I have to meet him. It might seem tense to deal with a lot of the special VIPs, any kind of executives, or clients. After a few days, when the executive members were taken care, he felt like he had it by that point. He knew the festival down. And he really didn't need us anymore. Something stink to you? And I think that as executive, he wanted to just kinda experience the Super Dome that night on his own. And he literally ditched me. So I'm seven months pregnant. I am literally breathing like a beached Feel on the ocean. And I'm out of breath and then one of the other members on my team. She's like, get in the golf cart, we're gonna go find him. And then you sit here, I'll run up ahead. And she's running, we're all running. And finally we found him like half an hour later and I'm pretty sure that he was Is doing it on purpose. Got your feelings hurt, didn't you? [MUSIC] Hurt down inside. He just wanted to have a few alone moments and I can appreciate that. I just wish he had told me. [LAUGH] This is what they call funky. [LAUGH] Okay that's stupid. I'm Charreah Jackson, Essence Lifestyle and Relationships Editor. And I'm a five year, Year Essence Festival goer, four times as a working staff member, and one time as just a good old festival enjoyer. One of my favorite Essence Festival memories, I'm really Is sort of a, could've been a tricky moment in my life. I blame Beyonce. I probably coulda almost lost my job. Starting to get stupid now, ain't it? Because when Beyonce performed two years ago, I'm a fan. So was acting crazy. Beyonce's within 20 feet of me, jamming. And they're like, security guards are like, stay in your seats. I'm like okay, I'm sitting on the edge, I am jamming. And across the way, I notice a fellow fan. And when you're a fellow Beyonce fan, we love each other. So I was like look at him. He is jamming, I'm jamming. Forget about the security guard. I go over there and And just give them a little love. How you doing, oh my gosh, he's amazing! Yes! No she didn't. Yes! Security guard comes up on me, hey you gotta get back to your seat. No he didn't. Okay, she's a little aggressive so I go back to my seat. Beyoncé starts to perform Grown Woman and I don't know what happened to me but all of a sudden I'm singing all the Grown Woman lyrics, but instead of singing them to Beyoncé, I'm singing them all to that security guard in her face because now she has decided to stand next to me since I moved around. So I am like all in her face I'm a grown woman I could do whatever I want. Now we tripping. Then all of a sudden I remember that I'm kinda an editor at Essence and my boss, and my boss' boss, and my boss' boss' boss is here. So maybe I don't want to be all in her face so I bring it on down and I just start to think back to Beyonce That's not it. We got more confessionals, some of them go crazy. But here's the real deal, if you are at the Essence Festival, you should be getting your groove on. If you are not here, I'm sorry. Make sure you get to take it next time, but stayed tuned to Essence Live so we can give you you the 411 on what's going on for this entire Fourth of July weekend at the Essence Festival. We will make you feel like you're here. [MUSIC] [NOISE]

Festival Confessional: ESSENCE Staffers Give Juicy Behind-the-Scenes Details of ESSENCE Fest

Nephew Tommy gets the juicy details on what goes on behind the scenes of ESSENCE Fest by staffers themselves!