Fashion Editor Celia Smith helps you find the right beach style for your bod.[NOISE] It's summertime already. But, are you ready? It's time to get rid of that cozy sweatshirt, the leather jogging pants that you love so much. It's time to show skin. [NOISE] String tops are your friends, Petite Girls. They're smaller to give you the illusion that other things are bigger. Wink, wink. Bask on the beach in a thin-strapped spring style that will elongate your neck, and give you that graceful Naomi Campbell neckline. And why not follow her lead with those little peplum bottoms she wears. Don't tell anyone, but they make your **** look bigger. By the way, you can do some fun things with your swimsuits like layer them under your clothes like I'm doing. The same goes for hour glass shape. Repeat after me, less is more. If you have curves for days, so show them off. Christina Millian does it like every time she's in Miami, so who cares? Do it. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. But in Brazil, wear Brazilian bottoms. They are born for your ****. [INAUDIBLE] Fuller figures. These retro style swimsuits are killing it. My favorites are the high-waist ones that give you the pin-up style moment, but seamlessly have that tummy control and top support so everything is perky and in place. And who doesn't love that? If you're a bit bustier like cone shapes, balconette tops keep your girls firmly at attention. It has that corset structure, underwire support with extra fabric underneath to hold it all in place. For the love of triangles. We're talking J-Lo, Alicia Keyes, those bodies that make you go, hm. Take the opposite approach, and maximize the top by adding a padded bikini or halter top to your beach fit. So now that you know what's swimsuits work for your body type, go shop your shape and hit the beach.
Jun, 28, 2014

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