Relive the Fashion Closet experience at the 20th anniversary ESSENCE Fest.[MUSIC] Hi I'm Celia Smith, Fashion Editor at and we're at the 2014 Essence Festival. Throughout the weekend attendees spun the wheel at the StateFarm. And nine lucky winners won a gift card and an opportunity to consult with me on how to shop for their body type in our fashion closet. [MUSIC] As a fashion editor for, everything is done virtually. Fashion Closet here at Essex Festival is an opportunity to really interact with my readers, and to see their body types first hand, and consult with them, and show them that there are. Things that will make them look amazing no matter shade they are. I like florals. I like all the pink and I like dresses like these like spaghetti strap dresses. Yeah. Exactly. I find that as a petite woman it's great to show your neckline because it makes you look taller and more graceful. I had an awesome time meeting with our readers and the winners of the State Farm fashion contest and I hope my advice put you in a better state of style. [MUSIC]
Jul, 24, 2014

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