Fashion Editor Celia Smith on the best jeans to complement your curves.[MUSIC] Everyone's got the blues these days. We're talking denim and not just jeans. We're loving all things denim. For my shape, I love a good old high waist, that super slim fit and creates all the imaginary curves peeps like me lack. And throwing in a chambray top is. Of course, genius. But if you're blessed with a bottom, that shape that everyone is squatting for, glorify your curves with a clean lined pair of jeans that incorporate a mid rise. It perfectly cups your curves without that buckling or gapping. At the waistline. And adding a jean jacket drives that denim on denim look home. And for all the ladies who are blessed with both, we're talking about you, hourglass. These season's 70s flared leg plays up your curves like Pam Grier. And if you can find a matching denim crop top to go with that, now you're really groovy baby. For my girls with classic cone shape, that retro hippy style is also hot for you. [INAUDIBLE] lots of denim style with a top that will fit more tailored is a look you should be rocking. Denim is definitely a do for this season, so check out the fashion closet for fashion essentials and daring new styles
Aug, 11, 2014

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