Things get emotional as Towanda and her sisters try to work through their issues on the season premiere of 'Braxton Family Values,' airing this Thursday.[MUSIC] There has to be some resolve. How can it be, Trina, a resolution, when she walks away? I never get up. I never walk away. I love you, Boo. I can't do this. Of course you can't. I should have never come here. Peace in the Middle East. I got to go. Don't walk away. That's not cool. This situation is the nucleus. Mm. Of all the. Excuse me, that's happening between all the rest of the sisters because some people feel like they are on one side, other people feel like they are on the other side. Wait, please let me finish. It's so frustrating and it's hurtful Yes it is. Because we all love each other too much for this stupidity to keep happening for no reason.
Aug, 12, 2014

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