Watch as Miss D shows the Baby Dancing Dolls some tough love as she prepares them to take center stage and battle their number one rival, the Baby Prancing Tigerettes on the next episode of Bring It, airing August 27 at 9pm ET on Lifetime.[MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] Frances, tiger red to go up against to try and get first place. This is not a game. Y'all get in formation, y'all get out here and put on a doggone show. When I say give 'em face I mean give 'em face. Face is so important because it gives you more points. I [UNKNOWN]. I do a lot of faces and they're very good. This is your opportunity, your time to shine so when you get out there on the floor make it count. You get one chance. There are no do-overs in competition.
Aug, 21, 2014