ESSENCE's Editor Vanessa De Luca on Where We Go From Here

ESSENCE Editor-In Chief Vanessa De Luca dives into the emotional state of our community and the issues we face amidst the unrest in Baltimore and cities across the country. 

ESSENCE.COM Apr, 30, 2015
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[MUSIC] What is the emotional state of our audience, of our readers, and of our community post this situation? I mean, I think you can say it in five words. We're fed up and worn out. Mm. This is just Just yet another example of how we haven't really moved beyond the conversation that we started you know, last year Mm-hm. With #blacklivesmatter. I mean, do our lives really matter, and that's the question that our audience is asking. I mean, certainly What's happening in Baltimore, the events of Baltimore, this isn't happening in a vacuum. Sure. There are certainly systemic challenges that we have. There's a system of neglect, inequality, and disrespect that has, you know, kind of led us to this point. And that's not just true of Baltimore. Its true cities across this country and so our audience is now saying what do we do now? If we can't count on our politicians, if we can't count on the federal government, if we can't count on the justice system, if we can't count on the police that's supposed to protect us, what can we count on? Why not. So at, right now, we're in the media we're seeing lots of signs of anger, but is our audience coming to you and, and across social media, fo, looking for signs for solutions, looking for some sort of guidance? Absolutely, I mean, what, you know, what they're commenting on, our audience is saying, look, there's a lot of sensationalism- Mm-hm. In what we're seeing. There's a lot of selective images in what we're seeing. So, instead of just only seeing the viral video of the mom who, you know, is beating on her son, Mm-hm. dragging heh, him away from a riot. Why aren't we also seeing the hundreds of black woman who have been organizing peaceful protests, Yes. consistently, who have been working with community organizers to keep the peace, who've been working on Community cleanup throughout this week. Mm-hm. Why aren't we seeing those images? [MUSIC]