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[MUSIC] I'm Ron Bass, visual artist and designer of Bass by Ron Bass. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, Crown Heights section. The creativeness and the freedom, you know as, as a child in your art classes from like pre-k to fifth grade. There was this one teacher, Miss Hayward. Who kind of encouraged us to, to go outside the line. Just kind of let us just be free. As I got older I started to study the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat. It reminded me to color outside the lines and not be afraid to express. Your thoughts. I was working, you know, a steady job. Making a good income. But I just wasn't happy inside. So I let my, my job know that I was going to be taking my career into my own hands. When I went home, I picked up a plain hat that I had in my house. And I started to paint on the brim. When I stepped away from it, I was like oh, this is pretty cool, maybe there might be some people interested in wearing this. So I got a call from a stylist who I had given a hat to, and he's a really big stylist, and told me that, one of today's greatest music icons wanted a piece of mine. And once he wore it, type of following that. Every vision has kind of just took everything that I was doing and magnified it times 100. I can say as a man I just, tears, because I just felt like finally I'm able to show the world and give a positive message. Literally, I had to shut my website down. I was getting orders from Africa, Switzerland, Dubai. All over the world and I'm still in my basement I was like a maniac paint paint paint I wouldn't go outside I'm in the basement no sunlight you know I was growing a beard I really looked crazy. When I first saw the Chevy Cruz my mind just started racing like look at all the amazing things I could do and with those features as far as a 4G. It's kind of like a mobile office, you know. Like a working hub that you can kind of just ride around. I thought that was very, very cool. It helped in the design because I kind of wanted to create this futuristic aspect of it. I'm very, very excited to see how it goes from mind, paper, into the rap. [MUSIC] So for my wrap design for the Chevy Cruise, I want to create something that touches upon the performance of the car, cuz I really think that's what it embodies. What I'm going to do is create this character where he almost appears that he's devouring the car, with these really huge teeth. And I'm gonna use a gold foil. That's really gonna allow it to stand out. But also, you know, so I can show in a story how it differs from the actual character that it's trying to devour. And really also wanna focus on the sleek designs of the car. And I wanna design this really, really like bold wings, kind of come out to show the, you know, the forward motion. Almost like it's bursting out of what, you know, seems to be captured on it. Even as these. These LED lights that kind of remind me of eyes, want to incorporate that as well and use the grill as its mouth, cuz I feel like with the design of the car, it kinda has already the shapes in it, has that forward movement going on, so it makes it kinda easy. I wanted the art and the car's story to go, you know, hand in hand. I'm really excited about it. I just hope that people can connect. And, you know, draw from the illustration that I did when I started to work on Chevy Cruze.

ESSENCE Street Style Spotlight: Ron Bass

Meet Ron Bass, one of three cutting-edge fashion designers who “styled” the 2015 Chevrolet® Cruze exclusively for the ESSENCE Street Style Awards. Discover his inspiration and catch a sneak peak of his design. Credit: Ron Bass styled by Alissa Holder.