Meet Kimberly Goldson, one of three cutting-edge fashion designers who “styled” the 2015 Chevrolet® Cruze exclusively for the ESSENCE Street Style Awards. Discover Kimberly’s style inspiration and catch a glimpse at her custom design.I'm Kimberly Golsen, and I'm a fashion designer. Bold, creative, confident, classic with a twist. Those are my designs and the women who wear them. My mom was a seamstress, she would make her clothes to wear the next day. I always loved seeing her just being able to transform fabric in to full garments, so ever since I was really young. I've been in love with fashion. I'm from Brooklyn born and raised. I am in love with what I see in my city every day, because there's such a mix of styles. It's a fusion of everything and, so that basically fuels what I do in my design. The moment I was. Would say that catapulted my career would have to be my time on a design reality competition program. I've shown my collection at fashion week every season. One of the highlights of my career to date is having a major feature in Essence magazine as next big thing in fashion so I'm super excited about that. I have designed for celebrities. I have dressed television personalities, actresses, models, film stars, you name it. I decided to partner with Shelby to design the wrap because we have the same girl in mind. She is stylish. She's young. She's fresh. She's into the latest technology. [MUSIC] She wants her outward appearance to make that statement for her. I think this is all great. [LAUGH] I'm actually going to dress this car as I would dress my woman. I'm infusing my style into the RAV by literally putting the Brooklyn Bridge into the design. You'll see on the side the Brooklyn bridge with the flowers wrapped all around the bridge. I wanted to give the motion. Than of you crossing the bridge, you driving in your Cruze, you're styling. [MUSIC] I really want to draw a lot of attention to the LED lights in the grille, so I have flowers flanking along the entire. Grill of the car. I'm going to have metallic dripping all over the car, which I'm so excited about that because you'll see him coming a mile away. I want you to think future. I want you to think the latest and the greatest when you see this car. Chevy was so forward thinking with the technology they designed for this car. I wanted the wrap. My design to match it. I just thought about all the things I felt were really cool in the car. The features I really love about the car is that they have wi-fi built in. I think that's going to make everyone's lives so much easier. [MUSIC] And I love the [UNKNOWN] system that they have. I wanted to infuse the feel of. Just having fun and listening to music and driving. I think when people see the Cruze rolling down the streets in Brooklyn wrapped in my design they are gonna flip out. They're gonna be like what! Brooklyn has arrived. Brooklyn girl with the Brooklyn car on Chevy. It's gonna be too major. [MUSIC]
Aug, 11, 2014

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