You got to talk about this new music theme or you got to stop playing with my feelings and emotions I am not. I promise. [LAUGH] What is going on with this album? I am not playing with your emotions Yes, look at me Because it was just like everybody else wants to hear, I want it to be out as well Okay. I think this is like the most amazing album that I have done so far. I know I said about calling all lovers I was right about that but that was [LAUGH] but this record now is my best work yet and you are working with Rodney? Rodney Jenkins and Vincent, Sean Daniels and TC and which is I got to make a date, I have to pull a date I do not know, I cannot tell you so, it is TBD? It's TBD. We gonna be waiting, we'll wait. I think he's just gonna drop it one day when he feels, that he feels like he want to drop it he's gonna drop it. So- [INAUDIBLE] Keep your iTune card ready. [LAUGH] Keep your little coins together. I will, I will. I'm so here for it. Another thing that we have to talk about is your talk show, which I have So excited about that. Can you give us more details about the talk show? Well the only thing I can give away right now is that, it's going to be amazing. Okay. And we are still working out a lot of the details of what it is going to be about and when it's going to happen.>> And you said And it's definitely happening! Clear that up and it's still with Steve Harvey and all of that. All right. [LAUGH] I am so ready for that. [BLANK_AUDIO]
Mar, 23, 2017

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