[BLANK_AUDIO] Everybody was dressed, ready to go trick and treating. Everybody taking pictures. And then all of a sudden [BLANK_AUDIO] My mother gets ran over by the golf cart. My mama can't go like this not from my baby. You're watching ESSENCE Live. I am Makho Ndlovu and that was a clip from the new season of WE tv's hit show Braxton Family Values. We are just thrilled to welcome back one of our favorite ladies, Tamar Braxton. Hi! Hi Tamar! Wait- Am I one of your favorite ladies? You really are. Really? No lie. No, cuz I really love this show, too. No, no, but I really love you. We love you! Thank you, thank you! You are such a huge part of the Essence family. But before we even get to the love fest, How is Mama Evelyn doing? Listen, she survived. [LAUGH] And she's great, she's great, yeah, thank God. What happened in the clip? Well, we were really about to go trick or treating, we were taking pictures, and I don't think anybody was paying attention for like three seconds, because he's three, he's so fast. [LAUGH] Yes. And he just Runs over her. He gets in the golf cart and just hits the pedal. My gosh, but she's okay, she went to the hospital, got checked out? She's okay, I wasn't okay. You weren't okay, you were emotional. My God. Not my mama though. Not my mama in front of my baby. How do you get over that? You can't get over that. [LAUGH] Okay, so you've been very outspoken about finding love for Mama B. Yes. Which we all want, we want her to Find love. Me too. If you could hook her up with a celebrity, who would it be and why? A celebrity. A celebrity. Okay I think she has a crush on whoever has the State Farms commercial. Wait, the guy from Waiting to Exhale movie with the real deep voice? Real deep voice. He has a real deep voice. Or James Earl Jones, she likes Deep voices and stuff like that. Okay, [LAUGH] okay. Yeah. Now that's a good hook up. Yeah, it is, is he married? I don't know if James Earl Jones is. Okay. We're gonna have to check on that, but the guy from State Farm is like 60, so that's. Well, that's great! Yeah! Yeah! [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So we've seen the show, we love the show. Thank you. We are part of the Braxton Family Values, we love you and your sisters, and you have talked about leaving the show at one point There have been some tense moments, why do you keep coming back to the show? Well, because these are my sisters. And what I don't want is for people to always think that's all me and my sisters do is argue and fight. It's not like that, in real life, and I love my sisters, and I respect my sisters so before I get on TV, and continue to act crazy, and you see the bad stuff. Yes. With sisters, instead of always the good, and the funny. I'd rather walk away from the situation, because that's not what I feel my family value is. So we're gonna see a lot of balance in this upcoming season. Well it's a a lot, a little bit. See them fighting and getting. A little bit? Wait a minute. You know. If I'm honest. Be honest, please. It's there, however, you, I think that I'm in a different place, to where if someone has an issue with me, I want to talk about it right then and there and apologize for my part in the situation and move on. Because life is short and I love my family and I just want us all to get along. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Mar, 23, 2017

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