[BLANK_AUDIO] [CROSSTALK] Rosalyn What was your approach to portray in this new found string one and there's also how did you feel pregnant filming all those action scenes because- My gosh, you know Rosalyn definitely when we pick her up in season two, she's become a soldier, she's been trained By Harriet. And I think her experience in Season 1 in losing Ernestine and her mom and running with the Macon 7, and Noah. She's definitely owned her strength. And her mission is to go back. She spent so much of Season 1 running away from danger. And this season, she's running Right towards it. Being pregnant, it was She's extraordinary Yeah even the minimum I did, and then I would look at Anthony and I was like wait, I said "Jay just did this?" And more and he said you only took two takes see she was doing it. Try this way, try this way. I have to bless her heart. Aw. Thank you. Soldier. She's the real deal. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Mar, 08, 2017

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