[BLANK_AUDIO] This HurtBae video has been lighting up everyone's time lines. The woman featured in the video told Essence exclusively that although she's now happy in a new relationship, she initially did the video about infidelity with the hope of finding closure and empowering women. But considering how unbothered her ex boyfriend looks in the video and how distraught she appears, you know she cried and she walked off set. Did the video really accomplish anything? Panelists what say you? Did the HurtBae video leave you feeling empowered or is the whole thing just sad? On the count of three, slate or shade. I couldn't wait. [CROSSTALK] Okay, I'm gonna start with [UNKNOWN] cuz she was ready. I was so ready. First of all, I don't even know why she would go and put herself in this situation and not be super cute. Like you seeing your ex boyfriend, that high pony tail bun should've been slayed honey. That's a shade by You always gotta look good in front of your ex. [INAUDIBLE] No, because you gotta let him feel the heat, okay? That little squiggly part in the back, she got up and left. No baby, fix your edges, come back and **** his face off. That's what you're supposed to do. Okay, okay. Always look good for your ex. So we're going a shade for them baby hairs, okay. Whitney? I think, So sad. And she looks a little pathetic. [INAUDIBLE] Yes, I did. And we've all gone though it, but we don't all wanna show it out to the world and let everybody see how sad and broken we are girl. You've gotta come back when you've got it together, you're really strong you talk to him you are just like, okay, you was cheating the whole time? Okay. Okay. Okay and Rah, why you, you had a shade too. Yeah, I had to shade. I think ultimately for me what it was, is I like to have seen her have a voice for women as a whole. Yeah. And to kind of be the voice for us when you are confronting your ex to get answers for some of the things that he has done. And she seem really pitiful. She remind me of that weak little girl in the corner that didn't have a voice. So I don't understand what the purpose was of confronting him if she was kinda just gonna sizzle out and just cry and walk away. You had your time to cry, you said you know when he came by when you went by his place and He told you to leave... Girl... You went back to your place, but you had your chance. This is the thing, they are a college couple. 99 point 99 percent of the college couples are not real, Im sorry... Okay, okay, Chloe that's a whole other conversation... Super adult, super adult emotions for college relationships, if you start playing soft on the knob its not a good relationship. This is true. That was unanimous decision but wat are the internet saying Kayla let us know. They change left and right, Shane Johnson says, it is cold hearted Brenda Gordon says he's a liar, a narcissist. Carline Lyon says he's a weak man and I hope she heals from it and doesn't let it define her life. This is a real, this is not a real man. I did find one, a Sherman Hilton And who said why hate him when he was being honest. So I did find one who was trying to So he was, he was honest a little too late though. Yes Right Yes. We talking about years late right? Right Right>> And he wasn't, you know what, you know what bothered me the most about the entire thing Is when she said, I've forgiven you and he said, why? Because he hadn't even asked for forgiveness. [CROSSTALK] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Feb, 22, 2017